Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board Review

No matter you have a small or large family, ironing is one regular job that you can’t help doing. It gets more messed up when you don’t have the right ironing board in hand.

To get you out from this problem, we have Wall Mounted Ironing board here. Yes, you read the right. A wall mounted ironing board is something that can save space of your room drastically and helps to keep the things well-arranged.


Who Is the Best user?

  • If you like tidiness:

The manufacturer made this sleek designed white ironing board for those, who want their room neat and well-arranged. The portable and easily foldable ironing board can be mounted to the wall easily. Even it’s a sturdy ironing board that comes with high-quality material.

  • If you need to save space:

Just started a new family or started living in a hostel where the rooms are too small to place an additional board for ironing. For you guys, the manufacturer produced this sturdy ironing table. You can mount it on one side of the wall. Just open it, when you need to iron and close it smartly after that.


The manufacturer of this wall ironing board is Hafele America. They’re great with their product. Thus, this ironing board works very effectively and its worth spending almost 200. As soon as you go through the review, you’ll get to know the benefits and core information:


Product Specifications

Iron Type:  Standing

Product Material: Steel.

Available Colors: White

Board Dimension: 22.2 inch x 13.8inch x 5.5inch

Item Weight: 22.3 Pounds


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Features and Benefits of Wall Mounted ironing board

  • Easy mounting Procedure

You don’t have to bother about the mounting system. The board can be mounted easily on your wall. You just need some screws and stuff to mount the board onto wall. There are three bores in each side. So, you can set it on your choice by adjusting the distance.


  • Large enough for comfortable ironing:

The ironing board is large enough to fit the clothes conveniently. Thus, it is 37 inches long and more than 11 inches wide. So, you can get a neat ironing. You don’t have to face the problem of small areas. It’s because for perfect ironing it’s really important to be the board spacious.


  • High strength steel makes the board stronger:

The ironing board is made of high strength steel. So, it ensures long life. Once you buy, it’ll give year-long service. Of course, with proper maintenance.! Again, the entire body is coated with white epoxy. Thus, it protects the surface from rust and increases durability.


  • One Cloth Ironing Board Cover for perfect pressing:

The wall ironing board provides a cloth ironing board cover. That is very helpful for the first time users. Again, the cover can be replaced, if you need. You’ll get them separately sold in the market. The cloth cover prevents stickiness while ironing. Also, it works as a protective cover for the main body.


  • Position lockable board ensures stability:

Another important thing about this board is it can rotate in right angle. Even it can rotate both the left and right. Besides, you can lock the positions where you consider it as perfect for you. You can lock it up when you’re not using it and it’s closed position. Also, it can be locked in any place.



  • Constructed with high strength steel.
  • Comes with epoxy coating for increased durability.
  • Adjustable and position lockable board.
  • Comfortably mounted and ironing.
  • Wide enough for perfect ironing.
  • Save space in your room.
  • Can rotate in right angle.



  • It is smaller than the traditional boards.


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Bottom line

The wall mounted ironing board has it’s good and bad both. It is the little bit smaller than the traditional ironing board. Otherwise, it is perfect for the tiny family. We tried to give authentic information about this ironing board. It is really an amazing creation for the new family and the bachelors. If you’re one of them, you can surely proceed for this product without any hesitations. Saving space and placing other essentials, must be more important than price, won’t it? If you consider this too, why delaying? Again, with this budget, it’s a great product.  So, hurry up!


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