Brabantia Titan Ironing Board Review Extra Large Board


Ironing is a regular household chore. But without proper equipment, it can be the boring and tough task. So, I would like to suggest to buy an ironing board instead of ironing on the bed and paying a lot of money to the cleaners. I was one of those persons who did not realize the necessary of the ironing board. After I had brought an ironing board, it was like as my life has changed. Now the fact is all ironing boards are not same. A good ironing board is essential for efficient ironing. The renowned company Brabantia comes up with Brabantia Titan Ironing Board with some unique features and specifications to you. The huge range of height adjustment helps if you want to sit down while ironing and the maximum height helps the tall people too. The model is easy to set up and bring down. We are now checking out the Review of the model as some of the users do not agree with the benefits of the model.

Whom Is This Product For?

  • Perfect for comfortable ironing at home.
  • Supports heavy uses for the dry cleaners.
  • Easy to use for both tall and short people.
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Features of Brabantia Titan Ironing Board

>> Heat resistant zone

The model provides you with a heat resisting zone where you can put your iron to rest. The heat is resisting zone benefits with a lot of clever features. You can keep your iron when you are not ironing. The iron can be kept in the heat resistant zone while you customize your clothes. Besides, it provides safety to your clothes and you.

>> Height Adjustment system

From this you will benefits with a superb adjustment system. The height adjust is possible ranging from 24 and 40 inches. So, the adjustment is possible according to needs. The model is suitable for both tall and short people. The adjustment system provides no sufferings from a backache. Besides, the model is designed in such a way so that you can work for a long time standing or sitting.

>> The wide surface

The model provides a working space of 53 × 18 inches which allow comfortable ironing of your clothes. The large laundry items can be comfortably ironed due to the extra wide surface of the model. Besides, the other that you want to iron can be kept on the iron table because of the extra wide surface system of the product.

>> Lightweight and easy to move

Brabantia Titan Ironing Board supports with the easy movement of the ironing board due its less weight of 40 pounds. As the weight is less, the ironing table can moved in the house according to requirements. The model can be folded so that it takes space in your house. The ironing table is perfect if you have less space in your house.

>> Safety measures of the board

The model is perfectly stable on both the normal and carpeted floors and does not move when you use it. The inbuilt child safety lock system prevents the ironing table from collapsing.


  • The superb adjustable system helps to adjust the ironing board at any height.
  • Easy to set up and bring down.
  • Provides large ironing area.
  • Tapered end supports ironing of small clothes easily.
  • Collapse prevention is properly taken care of.
  • The folding system helps the people having less space.


  • The cover is just hand wash.
  • The ironing board cover moves during use.
  • Quite large when it is unfolded.
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The Final Verdict

The Brabantia Titan Ironing Board provides reliability and durability. The model has plenty of height adjustment setting so that the ironing board can move up and down easily and the ironing works can be done standing or sitting in a chair comfortably. The large ironing area helps to iron large clothes, and the other clothes which are to be ironed can be kept on the table. The price is perfect for such excellent features and specification. I hope the ironing board will be a perfect to your house and workplace.

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