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Too much tired of ironing on an old fashioned iron board? If so, here is the perfect solution to your problem. This fold out ironing board has got everything you need from an ironing board. Four different adjustable height capability along with fiber pad topping on steel mess and cotton cover makes it a standard ironing board. It has a shelf for ironed clothes. It can be folded anytime with ease. Ybm Home & kitchen ironing Board has plastic floor caps for the legs. It has many others properties which will make the work of ironing a lot easier and comfortable than the old times’. You will be able to save time as well.

Let’s discuss further more about this lovely product so that you may decide if it’s the one you were searching for!

Whom it will benefit the most?

This fold out ironing board will serve the purposes of the followings so very nicely:-

  • Housewives .
  • Bachelors who are tired of going to laundries.
  • It will benefit most the small families to organize the work correctly.
  • Small laundry and tailoring shops.
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Fold Out Ironing Board Features:

>> Smooth and cloth friendly top surface

Ybm Home & kitchen ironing Board fold out ironing board has a heavy duty cotton covering. It is a pretty elastic band for a perfect fit. It helps to do the work smoothly, and the surface contributes to retaining the quality of the clothes.

>> Shelf for ironed clothes

It has a shelf well within reach of the hands for the ironed clothes. This helps to place the clothes quickly and efficiently to a comfortable position. This property generates extra attention for the product.

>> Super Strong Construction

It has four legs all made of heavy steel. The strength of the steel is ensured. All the legs have plastic floor caps.

>> Quick and easy folding capability

The manufacturers have used swift and easy folding process for making this fold out ironing board. It’s folding and unfolding process is very simple.

>> Bigger Iron rest

You don’t have to worry about putting the hot iron after doing the ironing because it has an iron rest. It is larger than the average size, and so it holds the hot iron nicely. You can take the iron from the iron rest after it cools down.

>> Adjustable height facility

Ybm Home & kitchen ironing Board has four adjustable heights. You can lock it after setting the height. It helps you to put the clothes on the comfortable height for you and contributes to counter back and shoulder pain.

>> Excellent design and Wobbling protected

Some attractive designs are available of Ybm Home & kitchen ironing Board in the market. It is very stylish having all the facilities at the same time. Again, plastic caps on the legs protects it from slipping and scratches.


  • It is pretty stable. The strong legs with rubber caps keep it steady in one place also protects the floor.
  • It has an iron stand which holds the iron during the process.
  • Hanger bar and shelf for freshly pressed clothes.
  • It has enlarged iron rest with the hanging facility.
  • Lightweight and practical fold out ironing board.
  • Elastic band around the cover helps to give it a perfect fit.
  • Adjustable height put an end to your back strain.


  • The cover is pretty thin.
  • A few complained legs being uneven.
  • Iron stand is not very stable.
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The Final Verdict

It’s time I gave the fold out ironing board a complete overview. Neglecting the little problems, it is a fantastic ironing board. Ybm Home & kitchen ironing Board has a shelf to put the ironed pieces instantly. It’s bigger iron stand and bigger ironing surface also make it unique from the other ironing boards available. Its adjustable height facility can comfort you by a huge margin than the usual. Also, the rubber caps on the legs gives it the perfect stability along with super durable heavy steel legs. Considering all these, I recommend it as the best ironing board in the market around the same price category.

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