Folding Iron Board Review Parker Ironing Board with Shoulder Wings


Are you looking for an ironing board which can meet your expectation? I can help you! I have great news for you. You are at so close to finding your expected product. The world renowned ironing board and accessories manufacturer- Parker & Company has launched their new and most exclusive Parker ironing board “The Pro Board, Extra Wide Ironing Board w/ Unique Folding Shoulder Wings and seven other Convenient Features”. It is known as Folding Iron Board. It’s fashionable and spacious design has attracted buyers. An ironing board is very much necessary for having better and smooth ironing experience. In this modern era, people try to make themselves smart wearing ironed clothes and dresses. People who live in noble and gentle society, it is mandatory to keep their clothes clean and ironed. So, the board can contribute a lot focusing on that matter. It is very easy and enjoyable to iron clothes on the smooth and spacious surface of the ironing board. Let’s take an overview on this excellent ironing board. Then, it will be easy for you to decide.


Whom is Parker ironing board for?

Considering all aspects, I would recommend this product for those-

  • Who want broad ironing surface
  • Who want to use it at home
  • Who want a board for industrial use

It can be used in garment industry also. The folding iron board fills all aspects of the field.

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Features of Folding Iron Board

>> Wide surface area for ironing garments

This folding iron board has a broad surface area of 19” X 58” inches dimension long for better ironing. Because of enough surface of the board, the user can iron giant clothes like- shirts, skirts, blouses, curtains, etc. Again, different types of garments can be ironed using this board. You can set it quickly in your apartments or industry. The cover and pads are good and contribute great help to have better ironing.

>> Unique and convenient features

The board includes unparalleled patented retractable shoulder wings. These wings make the board remarkable. Heat-resistant steam and iron rest plastic tray with lock-in-place garments hanger are included appropriately. Multi-layered ironing board cover makes smoothen very comfortable and quick. The board has got these convenient features and magnificent design that any buyer can be attracted to purchase. Again, the manufacturer company ensured the quality of this board. And their service center is also responsive to any types of product problems.

>> Higher durability and stability

The folding iron board is built with power coated metal construction for greater stability. That’s why this board is more robust than any other ironing board. It has Cold-steel mash ironing surface for high quality, stability, and durability. There should be no confusion about the stability of this product. Rather, this board is more robust than most other ironing boards.

>> Safety and easy mobility ensured

Child safety lock system and cord holder include for ease of transport and mobility. The legs of the board are stable and no risk of falling apart. So, the use of the board is safe and secure. Transportation is so easy that it is the best for industrial purposes as well as household use.


  • The wings fit the folding iron board well and lock-in-place tightly against the top of the board.
  • Huge surface for better ironing.
  • Easy to set in-house or industry.
  • Massive and sturdy.
  • Many adjustments for appropriate height for anyone’s ease in ironing.


  • Too big and too heavy. It is not perfect for narrow space or tight space.
  • The iron rest of the folding ironing board is made of plastic. So, it could break in case of using high-weight iron steam.
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Final verdict

After discussing all the features and benefits of this ironing board, this is clear indication that the folding iron board is unbeatable ironing board. Smooth movement and transportation of the board made it exclusive to use at different places. Again, there is no confusion about the board as safety has been ensured. So, this board can be use best purchase than any other time. Make a right decision and don’t regret after that. I will strongly recommend you this product. Now, decision taker is you!


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