Iron Board Cabinet – How to Choose Best Ironing Board Cabinet

Ironing board cabinets are necessary to keep your ironing materials and clothes in place. In modern times it has been an essential part of every ironing board along with holders and covers. From many types of cabinets, you should choose the one you need most. And here’s the key features you should consider to choose best iron board cabinet.

Dimension of the cabinet

The cabinet can be of separate sizes. In the market it’s available from 2 to 4 feet long cabinets. If you wish to keep more clothes and elements, you can buy a big size cabinet. But if you have less space and don’t need to store many things you should opt to a smaller cabinet. Large size cabinets need tight fitting to keep it in one place as most often they are supported vertically along the wall.

Iron Board Cabinet material

Cabinets can be made from woods, plywood’s, plastic and stainless steel, etc. wooden cabinets are bit luxurious and costly. The plywoods are light and easy to carry. Plastic cabinets may not be much fancy, but they are very portable and rust free. Stainless steel cabinets are heavy. But they are strong and ultra-durable. So what type of cabinet you need is solely on your choice. A wide range of price and colors are available for each type. Using a little common sense and brand value you can get the best deal

Durability and sturdiness

As ironing board cabinets are subjected to vertical (axial) loading, it is imperative that your cabinet is durable. Without it, the cabinet may fall from the wall after some days. Also, your cabinet needs to be sturdy enough to hold all the essential materials and clothes intact. A weak structure may not last much longer. So it’s important for you to check the structure and balancing of your ironing board cabinet before making any purchase. A well-established ironing board cabinet may last lifelong, but a poor one will soon collapse

Fitting with your board

Most of the ironing board cabinets come up with built-in ironing board. But if you’re planning to buy one separately you should check the fitting of the cabinet with your board. The lower shape of the cabinet has to be in the same dimension of your board width to fit tightly. It may be a tough job to find same size cabinet. You can buy a large one and adjust with adhesive glue or other things. But I suggest you buy your cabinet and board in a package for a perfect matchup. In case you buy later, you should buy one from the same manufacturer to have some advantages.

Styles and colors

As a furniture of your house, the iron board cabinet should be stylish and matched with your wall and board colors. Well, matched colors will help you to have a better ironing experience. I suggest you to use light colored cabinets to locate several elements quickly.


In this discussion, we have reached to the effect that the iron board cabinet is a useful product. In this article we have tried to show you how to make the choice of the board of the cabinet.


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