Rowenta Iron Board Reviews 4-Leg Board- Model- IB9100 Pro


Do you want the best ironing experience for decent clothing within the regular market price? The Rowenta Iron Board model deals with the best benefit of the customers with the facility of rectangular shaped legs not being the usual old fashioned tabular shape which can be easily fit into any nooks and corner of your house. It comes with the unique facility of hanger rack and storage shelf attached with it having the regular accessibility of using easily and transporting for its wheel system. It has a smooth surface that everything we can iron on too quickly and easily.  If you are aiming to buy a lifetime iron board, then you have chosen the right iron board because of its strong metallic body.  Thick branded cotton cover is its main specialty for which you’ll get an extraordinary ironing result. Overall, the long-lasting stability and elegant design will surely be the perfect choice of yours to buy.


Whom Is This Product For?

This model provides you the facility of ironing by both sitting and standing as your wish with a wide surface area. Because of its safety and decorative mood, it’s not the best choice for dry cleaners only but also for people living at home.

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Features of Rowenta Iron Board

>> Iron Board with the wide surface area

The model has a large ironing surface with a dimension of 54” x 18 ”.So you can iron easily and comfortably large dress shirts, skirts, dresses, etc. with little movement and in short order. Any size of iron steam is preferable because of its solid surface. Wide surface provides you to iron faster for a large piece of clothes.

>> Iron Board with easy maintenance options

This iron board comes with some quality safety measures. It is resistive of heat because it has aluminium leg and foot. The heat absorbing capacity of aluminium is very high. Besides, it has a hugely large area for steam iron to place while not in use.

>> Adjustable height facility

The model of Rowenta Iron Board has an adjustable facility ranging from 27 ” up to 37 ”. So you can use this ironing model by both standing or sitting anywhere else. If you have a large amount of clothes to be ironed this model gives you an opportunity to iron by sitting.

>> Transporting system

It is the special feature alongside with the others of Rowenta Board. It has a wheel system which allows you to move the iron board here to there very easily. So if you are not aiming to do your ironing work in a particular place, you can transport it to other places wherever you want that gives you relief from monotony.

>> Decorative look of Rowenta Iron Board

It comes with a wonderful decorative look with the folding system so that you can place it in any corner of your room with a dimension of 19.1 x 6.5 x 45.9 inches. As it has a lightweight having 20 pounds, it can easily move anywhere.


  • Extra thick branded cover pad of 5mm.
  • Folding and wheeling system allows to set the iron board anywhere of your room.
  • The oversized solid surface area provides customer to iron easily.
  • Iron resting place is not metal, its plastic.
  • Enough shelf space for gathering folded clothes in hanger rack.
  • For its rectangular shaped of 4-leg, it is very stable and fixed.


  • It weighs 20 pounds which may seem heavy for some people.
  • Unfortunately, the plastic stand for the iron steam could break if you are using heavy iron
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The Final Verdict

The Rowenta Iron Board gives you a long time durability and comfort-ability of using. The folding and transporting system with small dimensions is very beneficial for saving space. The safety measures are very much concerned handled. The wide surface area with adjustable height is very user-friendly for customers to use. It has a reasonable price to buy with unique features and multiple specifications. Though it might create a problem for some users because of their heavy weighted iron steam as the steam station is of plastic, it can be negligible.So this iron board is highly recommendable for using both at the house and any working place.

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