Best Heavy Duty Ironing Board With Iron Rest Review


What’s your core desire from a heavy duty ironing board? Of course, performance and saving in time and money. Relating to that, we have to discuss how heat and electricity-efficient an ironing board really is? These answers will determine whether it’s a right investment or not.

Now, if you’re like minded with my opinion above, here is something I would like to show you. From the famous home appliances manufacturer YBMHome, we got such an ironing board cover and pad which is worth the money from every aspect. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article.

So, let’s get started with the YBMHome heavy duty Ironing Board review-


Whom Is This Product For?

  • If You Save Your Time in Ironing

    From many of the trustable sources, this had been proved that it can be extremely time-saving. So, homemakers who have to always be in rush, can be the ideal users of this board.

  • Professions on Ironing

    I know still in America, there are people who earns through such jobs of ironing dresses, home maintenance or dying houses. If you’re one of them, you’re welcome to go through the rest of the article.

  • If You’re in Short of Budget

    No mention, this product is one of the most efficient products with such a price that worth every penny of it. So, you got a budget pick of ironing board here, if you’re interested.


Product Specification

  • Iron Type: Free Standing
  • Product Material:
  • Available Colors: Green and Blue.
  • Height Adjustment: 29” to 36”.
  • Number of Height Settings: 4
  • Board Dimension: 36 inches x 15 inches x 48 inches
  • Item Weight:2 Pounds


Features and Benefits

  • Highly Adjustable Dimension with Ample Space

    Running out of space to iron all the necessary clothes in your current board? Here is the solution you need. YBMHome Ironing Board has a dimension of 36”x15”x48” of ironing space which is quite enough to hold on any kind of clothes. Besides, it’s height can be adjusted according to yours from 29” to 36”.

  • Extremely High Durability and Lifespan

    Many of the ironing boards receive complains of not being so long lasting or being damaged after like 6 months. To assure you, this product from YBMHome is one heavy duty ironing board with a precise mold and made with high grade steel.

  • More Heat Transfer Efficiently with Aluminished Cloth Cover

    As I mentioned before, this board is a master in saving your time or daily ironing chores. It has got a superb aluminushed cloth cover that directly affects positively on the heat transfer. As a benefit, you can do faster with no compromise in the quality of ironing.

  • A Thick Padded Top to Make Clothes Stunning

    For most of the homemakers, especially new ones, it’s a common problem to do proper finishing with no flaw in the lines and edges. To give you a hand, YBMHome Heavy Duty Ironing Board has added a thick padded top in the design. It will make the job more precise and beautiful.

  • A Smart and Heat-Resistant Rest for The Iron

    As it’s a metal body, many of you may think that the iron rest can be cautious by transferring heat through itself. As a quick remedy, a thick padded top is provided in the design that is head resistant and also can hold your iron at proper angle. Iron rest made with heat resistant material for ironing board. So, the risk of accidental fall is no more!


  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Strong leg support.
  • Ample working space.
  • Heat-resistant iron rest.
  • Easy to reach storage.
  • 4 different adjustable height.
  • Folding mechanism to move and store the tool itself.
  • Comfortable operating board.


  • Can fall down if it’s not embedded perfectly.
  • The construction is quite a bit shabby.


Bottom Line

As you can see, YBMHome Heavy Duty Ironing Board is not an unmixed blessing. It has both perks and troubles which can affect you both way based on your use. But if you’re a person who knows how to hold it on and iron perfectly, it would be a great assistant to your job. Besides, considering the other models, it’s one of the best budget-friendly heavy-duty ironing board.

So, thinking no more, we think it will be one of the best picks for you! Decide to buy, click here.


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