Fold Down Ironing Board Reviews 200IB From Reliable


Top quality ironing boards are not easy to be found. But this model may be the answer to your problems. Hand made in Italy by very skilled craftsmen, This Board 200IB is the pinnacle of ironing board excellence. It is a board made without any compromise. Which was designed to provide maximum stability and wide variety features to make ironing less work? Soon you can understand not all ironing boards are made the same. The manufacturer uses traditional tube-frame construction and a special galvanized metal mesh screen so that your investment will last. I suggest you to buy it as I am a personal user of this product which is the best fold down ironing board of the market.

For Whom This Product Is Best?

A wide variety of customers can be benefited by this product. This fold down ironing board can be used by parents, housekeepers or young adults in hostels and other places. Here’s a list of consumers

  • Anybody who wants ironing experience
  • People with ironing jobs
  • Anyone needing heavyweight product.
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Features Fold Down Ironing Board:

>> Tube-Framed construction

This Reliable ironing board is heavy duty tube constructed. It has a double wishbone leg design which is built to eliminate wobbliness. Very less ironing boards are tube framed in the market. This mechanism assures massive weight of rods and legs.Thus balancing the board from any possible push or imbalance.

>> Easy adjustment

The Board 200IB has a dimension of 47.2 x 19 x 36 inches, and the weight is 21 pounds (27.6 pounds including shipping). Its height can be adjusted in seven different positions from 30-38 inches. The pressing surface area is 18.9 x 47 inches which makes it wide enough to iron day to day clothes.

>> Tray and Rack spacing

Another feature of the fold down ironing board is, it has a built-in tray for iron resting. The iron can be put on the tray while preheating and cooling. It can damage the clothes if being overheated. Or putting the iron in the middle of the table may occupy valuable space. Built in laundry rack is also handy. You can fold and put your clothes on there after done. The static balancing ensures it will not bend over in any direction.

>> Special cover

The over board cover is cotton and polyester made. This combination provides a smooth and efficient ironing surface. The cover is also good for isolation and results into fine ironing experience. The flat surface helps to iron the clothes straight hassle free. Also, the 500gm felt padding provides a soft smooth and yet fixed surface to get the job done.

>> Magnet locking

200IB Ironing Board can be folded up any time after use. It has a magnet locking system which prevents itself from losing up in vital time. Also, this mechanism is necessary for the safety of your children and everyone else in the house. The small size after fold down ironing board ensures it can be put into any corner. And when necessary you can push a small pin to unlock anytime.


  • Tube framed construction and double wishbone legs to eliminate wobbliness
  • Larger pressing surface with seven step height adjustment
  • Separate iron rest tray and cloth racks
  • 500 gram felt padding with polyester cotton cover
  • Magnet locking for secured folding



  • Heavier than other products.
  • Contact the manufacturer(Reliable) if any parts are missing like rubber fits.
  • Iron rest can bend on one side.
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Final Verdict

In home and more often in laundry shops,it’s sometimes necessary to have a weighted ironing board. Weighted boards provide better balancing than lightweight ones. Although it can’t be used portable for this weight. Just like other products from this manufacturer, “Reliable the Board 200IB Ironing Board, Grey” is a solid piece of ironing board example. This fold down ironing board can tackle rough uses than most other boards. Counting each and every aspect, I would like to call it the best folding down ironing board. You should consider buying it for all the complete features.

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