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Warm electric iron could be a very dangerous thing if you don’t keep it safely in a proper place. Most commonly children or even adults get hurt accidentally for irresponsible placement of the hot iron. So if you want to avoid this unwanted incident, then you must need an ironing board holder right away. This accessory is a must needed thing for both home and laundry. It will be a great help to keep necessary things neatly in one place. There won’t be any bothering in finding things while you are working. Also, the percentage of accidents would be much lesser than ever. You will find a lot of ironing board holder on the market. But to get you the best one, here I am giving a comparative review about various types of ironing board holder.


Top 7 Best Ironing Board Holder by Editor Choice

01. Organize The Door Ironing Board Holder

ironing board holder This simple looking ironing board has multiple hangers to hold numerous things in one place. It is very much suitable to place on the wall or door. Reinforced mounting screws will keep it attached to the point you chose. The Strong design of the body structure won’t let heavy things to fall. Iron is sizing up to 6” in width, can easily and tightly hold it. Besides, it has two bottle holders too. So you can keep your spray starch and water bottle near your hand. It comes in white color.

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02. Brabantia Wall Mounted Hanging Ironing Holder

02. Brabantia Wall Mounted Hanging Ironing HolderUnlike other wall mounted hanging ironing holder, this one is simple and suitable for household uses. It comes in cool gray color which won’t be looking odd on your wall of door side. If I say, “it’s so cool,” then this won’t be just an expression. It is cool because of its heat resisting feature. Therefore, it is completely safe to hang a warm iron. Moreover, you can attach this to your ordinary ironing board. The construction material can hold average weighing iron and almost any size can fit in it. This will cost you few bucks more for a single holder like this, but the quality will be top class.

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03. Sunbeam Iron Board Holder and Organizer

03. Sunbeam Iron Board Holder and OrganizerThe solution of hanging both the ironing board and the iron in the same hanger is here with this product. It will mainly serve the purpose of saving the space conveniently. It is specially designed for attaching to the back of the door. Most the interesting thing is that it doesn’t need any installation. You just have to put it up on the top of the door, and here you go! It’s ready to use. Also, it has two bottle holder too. The construction material is a special type of steel to ensure the strength. You can put the warm iron without any worries. This is not only just an essential accessory, but also it is such a tool that will enhance the beauty of your home.

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04. Better Houseware Iron and Ironing Board Holder

Ironing Board HolderLike the previous one, this product also provides advantages of hanging the iron and the ironing board together. It is a great help for those who don’t have much free space. Hanging the board vertically saves a lot of space and also makes it look neat and clean. It can hold any sized and shaped board without looking much awkward. Same thing goes for the iron too. Durable chrome makes it possible to attach it anywhere in the odd wall door. You don’t need to purchase any extra parts for installation as mounting hardware is included with the package. Its ultra-strong holders can hold quite a large amount of load causing by the iron and the ironing board. It is completely safe to hang a warm iron in it.

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05. Spectrum Diversified 89300 Ironing Board Holder

wall mount ironing board holderThe specialty of this ironing board holder is it has a basket holder which gives you the freedom to keep small extra things along with the iron. It is suitable for holding the starch and spray cans. It provides a large space and a unique handle slot to accommodate any sized and shaped iron. Moreover, the basket can hold the warm iron, while the board hangs bellow. Hanging a “Y” or “T” shaped ironing board won’t be a problem. This wall mounted ironing board holder is very easy to install. And the price is quite reasonable too.

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06. Household Essentials 166-1 Plastic Iron and Board Holder

Household essential ironing board holderBeing made of plastic prevents rust and discoloring. Specially designed for tiny space and less wide ironing board. As it is made of a unique ovenproof plastic material, so the freedom of resting the warm iron is yours. It can easily store “T” shaped board with its sturdy hooks. It’s little ditty prevents the thing from falling. There is a storage pocket for cords. This product is imported and manufactured in China. Above iron of 4.75” in width won’t fit in, so get acknowledged about your iron’s dimensions before purchasing it.

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07. InterDesign Ironing Board Holder

interdesign ironing board holderThe advantage of keeping all your ironing supplies in one place is the primary purpose it serves mostly. There are two strong hooks for holding ironing board of standard size. Stainless steel wire basket makes everything visible inside it, so can find things easily. Almost every iron can fit in it properly with the help of special handle slot. You can easily mount it anywhere in the wall or doors with standard thickness. This is heavily durable and long lasting. If anyone taking care of it properly, it may last long enough to be worthy of the price.

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We all need to iron our clothes. Sometimes we have to do it at home rather than in a laundry for lack of time. And this is a major reason for keeping ironing supplies at home. As we can’t skip this necessity, so need to keep these things as organized as possible to keep the house neat and clean. And at this point, an ironing board holder comes in handy. You should consider the features and your needs before purchasing one. Hopefully, this article would help you to decide the perfect one for you.

How to choose best ironing board holder?

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