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In modern life, it’s essential to be well dressed, necessarily well-ironed dressed. In the office or school or wherever you go, it is mandatory you maintain gentility. On that matter, the world leading laundry hardware and textile manufacturer group of German engineering- Leifheit introduce you with Leifheit ironing board review AirBoard Compact Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board. This lightweight ironing board is determined to give you the most exceptional ironing experience possible. If you have a big issue with space, then I would very much like to introduce you to this product. The lightweight features made it exclusive and exceptional from any other ironing board. You can move it so quickly. Again, you can set this board any corner of your house. It is very compact and durable. Manufacturer Company ensured the quality of this product with the service facility. Now, skim through the review and find out what surprising things are waiting for you!


For Whom Leifheit ironing board review Is The Best?

I would recommend this fantastic Lightweight ironing board for those-

  • Who have space issues in their apartment
  • Who want ironing experience particularly at home
  • Who do smaller ironing job
  • Who want a board of lightweight
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Lightweight Ironing Board Features:

>> Lightweight made it easy to move

This board is significantly lighter than standard steel and plastic tops. EPP (Extended Polypropylene), a stretched, and ultra-lightweight durable plastic made it ultra-light 7.3 lb. basically, it is made from such kind of stretched plastic that is extremely lightweight and durable. The material, combined with ergonomic style, makes the AirBoards the lightest and high-quality boards you find. A lighter board is quite easier to set and maneuver, particularly for those who have limited mobility.

>> Unique thermos-reflect surface

The Lightweight ironing board contains the exclusive thermo-reflect surface features. It is a special coating that bounces back or reflects heat and steam. This refers to that clothes get double effect of steam and heat from the iron up to 33%. No heat losses occur. So, it is very significant for those who iron a lot and for those who just don’t like ironing much. Both have victory!! It is seemed to be the best feature for the steam ironing.

>> Best experience of ironing

The board contains 100% cotton cover and 100% polyurethane pad. It concludes proper shoulder fit for convenient. And, crease-free ironing of blouses and shirts. Beautiful steel frame construction including cotton cover gives the high experience of ironing. For lightweight, it can be set quickly and iron anywhere you want. Exclusive airboard features. So, the user can do ironing relentlessly.

>> Higher security ensured

An iron rest is affiliated with the back of the Lightweight ironing board. So you have an accessible room to rest your iron safely. The iron rest is responsible for extending the life of your board and lessen the chance of scorching. There is a safety leg-lock that saves board legs from falling open accidentally. So, no chance of any unusual occurrence. The product is safe to use. Again, the structural view is beautiful from German design and engineering of the board.


  • Beautifully designed Lightweight ironing board, easy to extend and retract.
  • The great cover which stays in position.
  • Easily adjustable and spacious surface area.
  • Very sturdy and stays still on the floor.
  • Leg-lock works perfectly and no risk of falling.
  • Good product in affordable price.
  • Reduced loss of steam and ironing is quick enough.


  • While ironing something big than the board, it will not fit properly.
  • Some users got leg adjustment problem of the Lightweight ironing board. But, they got the replacement from customer service.
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Final verdict

Lightweight ironing board has raised a storm over board market. The users are pleased very much. If you are thinking to have a board which will be light and robust, then this product is perfect for you. You can remain fully certain about the real quality of this board. A right decision will release you from depression. A product at an affordable price doesn’t mean that the product is bad. Rather, the product can have good qualities. So, make your money on the perfect and reliable purchase. Good luck to you.


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